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Yours Truly Interviews Miguel

Yours Truly Interviews Miguel

Culture purveyor Yours Truly speaks with Miguel seven years after the initial meeting with the group to discuss his growth, retrospectivism and what’s normal anyway.  Read a few excerpt from the piece plus watch a visual “Crazy Enough” paired with the exclusive story.



“I’ve always had a really deep belief — I would just say I’m fucking crazy. I was just crazy enough to believe deeper than the odds,” said Miguel when Will pointed out that seven years ago, when he was 22 and shelved, effectively silenced, holding none of the, as he calls them, success indicators, like, say, a Grammy or a plaque, he expressed no doubt or bet-hedging or fear. “It helped to have a father and a mother who were supportive. My father always told me I could be and do whatever I wanted, regardless of what it was. Setting that in the mind of a child early on, I think, is invaluable. Just having your parents be like, ‘You can.’ Positive reinforcement is underrated, especially when you’re a child, because along the way a kid is gonna deal with so much negativity just in school alone, from his peers. I think if you don’t have it at home it makes it really really tough to be positive.”



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