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Ronny J: Limitless

Ronny J: Limitless


The appropriately titled moniker of super-producer O-M-G Ronny has showcased why his beats are as infectious as his personal style and confidence. Ronny J, the producer responsible for the inception of rap careers of artists like the late XXXTentacion, Denzel Curry, Smokepurpp, Bhad Bhabie and many more. The New Jersey native also found himself instrumentally in the heighten rap beef with Machine Gun Kelly and Eminem providing beats for both tracks, “Not Alike” (Kamikaze) and “Rap Devil” (BINGE).

Ronny J has recently shown up in the production credits for Kanye’s latest LP Jesus Is King for the record ‘Everything We Need’.

In the interview, Ronny tells us how he fell into producing music, his first record that played on MTV Jams, going to Africa with Kanye West and his personal favorite designer labels right now.

When was the first time you heard your production? Where was it?

The first time I heard my production somewhere big on a huge platform was on MTV Jams. A song called ‘Threatz‘ that was by Denzel Curry produced by me featuring Yung Simmie and Robb Bank$. It was the first time I’ve seen my production like on TV like as a music video  so I would say that was like 2013.

Being a part of the early production crew from Denzel Curry to XXXTentacion how did your production sound form being from Jersey?

Well, when I first met Denzel Curry, he had like a pretty dark, underground, Three 6 Mafia-type of sound. My sound style was always hard kind of rock-ish and pretty aggressive. For Denzel, he’s like on a super hip-hop tip and underground sound.  X[XXTenaticion] was kind of more versatile and like really on some rock star shit. And then me being ‘me’ … it coming together like this all made sense.

Jeans: DSquared2 / Shirt: Ed Hardy / Sunglasses: Prada / Watch: Audemar Piguet / Bracelets: Hermes
I don’t know what big producers came from Jersey but I guess growing up in Jersey; I know every city has its own like pocket of sound waves or style. Who were your Inspirations?

Well, y’know growing up in Jersey, my intentions were never to be a producer so it wasn’t really a thing but once I started producing my inspiration came from people like my homie Good Work Charlie (Kanye West, Kehlani Travis Scott), who’s also a producer. He’s the one I think inspired me to want to do it. I’ve been a fan of like Pharrell, Swizz Beats and Timbaland, the legends of our times.

 I’ve always liked f**ked with them for different reasons even when I didn’t want to be a producer. I really like a lot of sounds that people that are currently making now. I hear a lot of stuff now I like.

Your biggest record, I Love It, by Lil’ Pump; two times platinum in the US and #1 in multiple countries. What has that track done for on Ronny J — the producer? How many opportunities have you gotten after becoming a multi-platinum producer?

Endless. So many different things happening as far as opportunities. A lot of music that I’ve been producing has been added to TV shows on Netflix and being scored for movies. So, I think that’s pretty cool. 

But as far as the track, “I Love It” it’s funny because when I was working on the beat, I was actually in Amsterdam with Kanye. When Pump recorded his verse, he did it at his birthday party and I was there too. It was that cool.

But you know after that then I started traveling with Kanye and like working on his album Yhandi (now titled Jesus Is King). So, you know that alone is a great opportunity. Maybe like the biggest y’know what I’m saying? The biggest as ‘biggest’ can possibly get…

Absolutely, being from Chicago, that’s a dream experience. How was the Africa trip with Kanye?

Honestly, that experience was a life-changing experience. I just thought to myself; You know, there’s like 8 billion people in the world and I’m the one to travel to Africa with Kanye — and it being his first time there.

Who all got to travel with Ye for the project?

It wasn’t just me. Big Sean was there. Teyana Taylor. There were a lot of musicians and musical people there. It was a team. It was honestly like a movie.

I can only imagine; I’m excited to hear what came out of those sessions. Can you tell us how your record “Lights Out” came about with Ty Dolla $ign?

Basically, I was already working with Ty Dolla $ign he was cutting into like a lot of different beats of mine and he just kind of happened to have that song, you know, like it’s like a loose end from a project.

What more can we expect from your upcoming project?

You can definitely expect a bunch of different sounds. A bunch of different flavors as far as like feelings. You know, it’s not just one sound. It’s kind of like, you know all over but in a good way, I’m going to give all different types of vibes for all different types of people. The project is called Jupiter.

The reason behind the name Jupiter is because I feel like everything I do is like light years ahead — ahead of my time. I created a wave with sound… I don’t follow trends. I feel like people fall in love with my work because it’s authentic and genuine. It’s new. And it’s something that can inspire kids and give them something to look forward to in the future.

One of the main attractants to Ronny J is your style from high-end to streetwear fashion, you pull of looks very well. Who’s creating in fashion that inspire you?

First of all, I want to say thank you, but I feel like. I’m really into this brand called RHUDE right now. That’s really fire. I love what Dior is doing you know with their sneakers. I’m always rocking Gucci. A lot of Louis Vuitton. I’m very like specific to like down to the boxers and socks. I really only wear designer socks. It’s just a preference. It’s not for anything else is not like being a show off; its just literally just like what I what I feel good in. I really enjoy custom stuff too.

I feel like you have a piece of everything and I feel like that extends to your personality. It’s effortlessly cool.

As far as music is concerned, your roster is growing as far as relationships with bigger artists. Are there any surprises on Jupiter that will entice fans?

I’ll have Ty Dolla $ign, Rich The Kid, but I really don’t want to give it all up but there will be many more surprises but be ready for whatever I’m putting on the table.

Ronny J has production credits on Smokepurpp‘s upcoming release Deadstar 2, XXXTentacion‘s posthumous LP Bad Vibes Forever and Kanye West‘s Jesus Is King. Stay tuned for Ronny J’s sophomore solo effort Jupiter.

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