Take a look at Pharrell Williams & David Grutman’s Miami Beach Goodtime Hotel

Pharrell Williams & David Grutman’s gives us the tour of the Goodtime Hotel.

Ken Fulk, David Grutman and Pharrell Williams by the pool at The Goodtime Hotel via AD.

Architectural Digest takes us to Miami Beach for their latest episode of Open Door. This time, it’s for Pharrell Williams & David Grutman’s 266-room, city-block-long boutique hotel that officially opened in South Beach on April 8th.

This isn’t Pharrell’s first swing at multi-unit real estate either. In 2019, Pharrell announced he would partner to create residential units in Toronto called untitled.

The Goodtime Hotel’s design draws on the optimistic Art Deco influence of the neighborhood, but is also, intentionally, devoid of kitsch. “Good energy, good vibrations, good space, and, of course, a good time,” says Williams of the concept. “The soothing colors, very thoughtful designs, and that retro feel all contribute to that balance.”

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Watch the episode of Open Door above.

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