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Pharrell Invests in Real Estate Design With Untitled Toronto

Pharrell Invests in Real Estate Design With Untitled Toronto

Pharrell is now in the business of producing residential buildings.

After announcing plans last month, Pharrell Williams along with Reserve Properties and Westdale Properties confirmed that untitled is set to open for early 2020. The 751-unit residential building is set to contain 200 affordable housing units, 165 mid-range units and 49 market units. Alongside the main building, the group of designers will also create a separate 413-unit rental building and a new public park.

untitled Toronto / Norm Li

The design of the building stated is directly inspired by Pharrell Williams’ music from his last LP Girl. untitled Toronto was designed alongside IBI Group and designers from U31, used parametric design to create a balcony structure that mimics the wave pattern of Pharrell’s song “Gust of Wind,” tying in the artist’s musical career with his design career.

“We arrived at the concept fairly early in the process and worked with Pharrell to select a song that really meant something to him and could help bring this idea to life,” he continued, “There is a sophisticated, elemental feel to the building, which is why Gust of Wind works so well. Once we had the song, there was a lot of testing and iterating to find the right notes that would produce the most fluidity. What’s cool is as you go around the building, no two faces are the same. They all represent different moments from Gust of Wind.”

Mansoor Kazerouni | untitled Toronto Lead Architect

untitled’s unit prices will start in the low $400,000’s USD and will range in type from studio to three bedroom. More information can be found over on untitled Toronto’s official website.

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