Kehlani Talks Relationships, Religion and Navigating Social Media on ‘Impaulsive’ Podcast

R&B singer Kehlani recently made an appearance on the Impaulsive podcast with Logan Paul & Mike Majlak, where she opened up about a variety of personal topics, including her sexuality, religious beliefs, and relationship with social media.

One of the most striking aspects of Kehlani’s interview was her candid discussion of her sexuality. The singer, who identifies as lesbian, spoke about how her sexual identity has evolved over time and how she has come to embrace it fully.

Kehlani also touched on her religious beliefs, discussing how the origins of her faith has played a role in her life and career. Another topic of discussion was Kehlani’s relationship with social media. The singer is known for their active presence on social media, but she also spoke about the downsides of being constantly connected, and how she has learned to manage her online presence in a healthy way.

Fans will enjoy an update on her life, the revelation of how her daughter was created, tour life, and more.

Watch the full one hour & 21 minute conversation in full here.

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