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Eric Andre is Fed Up with Sexism and Apathy in Hip Hop

Eric Andre is Fed Up with Sexism and Apathy in Hip Hop

The outrageous comedian, Eric Andre, is known for crude and shocking humor but has recently taken to speaking out on the current state of hip hop.

Late last week Eric Andre took to Twitter to call out the sexism within hip hop,  specifically XXXTentacion and Kodak Black, as well as the apathy of World Star Hip Hop for promoting the two artists so frequently. Both XXX and Kodak have long histories of criminal issues and both have faced trial for violence towards women.

Black’s rap sheet is extensive, with minor marijuana charges spaced between accusations of wrongful imprisonment and parole violations. Black was also accused of sexual battery back in February of 2006 while in  South Carolina. XXX’s list of accusations is smaller but just as violent as he pleaded no contest to charges of home invasion and aggravated battery in November of 2015. The incident Andre mentions though, is XXX’s pending situation where he has been accused of strangling and beating his pregnant ex-girlfriend to the point that her eyes were swollen shut.

Andre’s criticism didn’t end there though, he continued to encourage his fans to not stand for sexism, racism, or homophobia of any kind.

Andre’s criticism caught the attention of XXXTentacion who even took the time to respond to Andre. The tweet below has since been deleted, but screenshots are forever.

xxxtentacion eric andre

Even though XXX is appearing to deny the allegations, it didn’t take long for him to do something else that caught the attention of the internet, in another now deleted tweet.

xxxtentacion bad tweets

In an update to last week’s criticism, Andre added context to his critique and even made a request that publications, like Complex and Hypebeast, add his additional commentary so that readers know this is not just a mere rap beef.

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