Chinatown Market Issues Collaboration with Erykah Badu

Call Tyrone.

Erykah Badu & Chinatown Market are collaborating for a special capsule collection. The new collection marks the 24th anniversary of the Neo-soul 1997 classic song, ‘Tyrone‘. Chinatown Market previewed the collection on Thursday (April 15).

A photo of Erykah Badu from their official Instagram page with a portrait of herself printed on a large throw blanket donning her signature ’90s style in her headscarf showcases an item that is featured in the drop.

The price range of the items are from $14-$120. Included in the capsule are t-shirts, hoodies, shorts, hats, bandana, and a large blanket. All items are available now on Chinatown Market’s shop.

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