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Check Out The Recent Releases by BreezePark, Animepapi, Chynna, and More

Check Out The Recent Releases by BreezePark, Animepapi, Chynna, and More

This month brought a plethora of new music, so here’s some stuff by some really dope artists that you may have missed. Follow us on Twitter, and let us know which project you liked the most from the artists below.


This four man rap group (CmrnPrkr, Rye, Ty Safari and PLAY) hailing from Suffolk, Virginia, released their album Bloom on April 16th. Back from their three year hiatus, they set out to create something worth putting them on the map, and I feel like Bloom has done that. I’ve listened to the album a few times, and there isn’t any song on there that I dislike and while the whole album is worth a listen, my favorites are RootsDroughtFeng ShuiSafe2Say, and T.O.T.W. Don’t sleep on the Park Boys. If they stay away from hiatuses, there’s no doubt in my mind that they will be something big. You can listen to Bloom below.


Ebru Yildiz

Chynna is an artist I heard about through a Pitchfork article earlier this year. From modeling to addiction, her story is unfortunate, but out of it comes amazing music. She released the single $ (dough) on April 4th, and the only thing I hate about this is the fact that I just found out she released it. Chynna summarizes the hardships that she’s been through and demands recognition with the line, “I slept on the floor/Been broke/Got low/Bitch I deserve to get dough”, while still questioning herself by rapping “Speaking in tongues/Doing the most/Teaching you something/But what do I know”. Authentic female rappers are hard to come by, especially nowadays, but Chynna is giving us all of the authenticity, so check her out and listen to $ (dough) below.

Animepapi and Lil Polearm

You know how you’re constantly hearing about an artist, but you never really check them out, and then one day something finally makes you listen to them? Animepapi was that artist for me. The song Checks! appeared in my Release Radar playlist on Spotify earlier this week, and I wound up really liking it. This song features Lil Fendy, and is a part of the AnimePolearm EP by Anime and Lil Polearm. Animepapi seamelessly raps over a playful beat on Checks, and it’s my favorite song off of the EP. He also released the album, Roadman on the 21st. You can listen to Checks! below.


The Netherlands native is back with her EP, Perspective. Although this was released last month, it was released towards the end and somehow I missed it, so I’m including it with this month’s new releases. I’ve been a fan of Anuka ever since I heard her song Seventeen last year. Her soulful voice and smooth, electro-RnB beats merge to create this sonically pleasing project. You can feel the pain and passion in her voice on every song. Used is definitely my winner on this EP. Check out Perspective below.


Oliver Francis

Oliver released the EP, Infinity Boy on April 1st. I heard Gemini last month, and I will admit, even though I thought it was good, and while it was enough for me to follow him on Twitter, I didn’t really seek out anything else by him. Then I heard Chernobyl off of the EP, and I decided to listen to his other stuff, all of which definitely impressed me. His music is just so effortlessly cool, and everything he makes is fire. The song Carl Edwards is my favorite, and Chernobyl comes in second. Check out the whole EP below.

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