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Check Out Belgian Rapper Dvtch Norris

Check Out Belgian Rapper Dvtch Norris

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The 25-year-old Antwerp native signed to Beatville Records back in 2013, leading to Dvtch Norris becoming a regular guest performer for Coely– singer/rapper and fellow Belgian. Dvtch and Coely ended performing together at over 250 shows around Europe. He even featured on her song, Don’t Care back in 2016.


There were talks about Dvtch Norris releasing an EP back in 2016, but he ended up releasing some singles through SoundCloud and Spotify instead. His most recent creation is the single Playground, released in February of this year.

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Playground is closer to his 2016 Spotify release, Caught Up. It’s faster and goes a bit harder than his older singles- which are for the most part soulful, smoother, and a little slower. With Playground being similar to Caught Up, could Dvtch be returning to the sounds of his earlier musical career?

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