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Aaliyah’s music compilation ‘Ultimate’ finally available on Apple Music

Aaliyah’s music compilation ‘Ultimate’ finally available on Apple Music

After years of unavailable music from Aaliyah, ‘Ultimate’ is finally released on Apple Music.

One of the most cherished R&B artists of our time, Aaliyah, legacy can be experienced via Apple Music due to Craze Productions. Complex recently explained why we can’t listen to Aaliyah’s Best Music and discussed the legalities of Aaliyah’s record label Blackground Records withholding her catalog.

According to Hankerson’s eventual business partner, Rell Lafargue, COO of independent music publisher Reservoir Media, Hankerson never found one. He couldn’t find the sound he thought the music deserved. And the wound left by Aaliyah’s death remains raw: “Barry can’t be in the room when the new music is playing,” says Lafargue. Grief turned to despondency; despondency turned to inertia. Inexplicably, Blackground stopped releasing music, and artists stopped getting paid. As the music business moved from CDs to MP3s, and MP3s to streaming media, Blackground didn’t participate.


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The album Ultimate features 25 essential Aaliyah tracks from all four of Aaliyah solo projects including songs for soundtracks like Next Friday, Dr. Dolitte & Romeo Must Die. Listen to the album Ultimate now on Apple Music.

UPDATE: Aaliyah’s Ultimate LP was removed due to legal rights to the music.

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