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11 Questions with Boogie

11 Questions with Boogie

As we chopped it up with Boogie about the abnormal weather here in Chicago at the moment backstage at Reggie’s Rock Club for Tory Lanez‘s Swave Nation Tour, we got to ask the Compton MC a couple questions. Find out who’s his celebrity crush, favorite artist of all time and what next for Boogie in the interview below.


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First and foremost, congrats on all your recent success. Any recent reactions, you can remember, from peers you respect in the game?

Yeah, I think the biggest ones would have to be from my city: Kendrick Lamar and The Game. For them to hear the record, especially Kendrick, it was super big to me. As far as out of town, When Funk Flex played it on Instagram. I respect Flex a lot as well.


Being from Compton, how has that shaped your ear for music?

I think it made me the person I am period — as far as to what I like and how I go about my everyday life. I fell in love with music in Compton so my heart will always stay there.




Who are some of your biggest inspirations?

My favorite artist of all-time is Lauryn Hill. I actually fell in love with music when my mama threw me in church when I was 14. Fell in love with the harmonies, melodies and Lauryn Hill was the best artist to me.


What about Lauryn that makes her your favorite?

I think it’s her honesty and she’s so chill. The vibes she projects; like I be chillin’ all the time but when it’s time to speak you can tell she means it. Like she’s speaking with her heart.


That’s powerful considering her one album in her discography.

One album.


What are you listening to at the moment?

Now, I’m listening to Tory Lanez. [laughs] I wake up hearing that nigga singing everyday. I fuck with Bryson Tiller too. Of course, Kendrick, Drake and myself.


You rocked SXSW this year, how was that?

SXSW was fun. All these first time experiences, I’m never gonna forget. I’ll probably do SXSW ten more times but it won’t be like that first time to walk everywhere cause you didn’t have money for an Uber or hotel and sleeping on a garage floor. Now, where we at now, it’s a good feeling.


Being you went to SXSW, did you get to a chance to discuss collaborations with any artists?

It’s crazy because as much as I look up to certain people, I never really cared about a feature. My music so personal, I just feel more comfortable with in-house collabs. Of course, if something happens I’m not going to turn it down but as far as chasing a collaboration right now, I don’t care to.


As far as style, what are some of your favorite brands at the moment?

Nike NSW sweatsuits. I just like being comfortable. Sweatsuits are essential. I’ve never been into super high-fashion. Somebody in Tory Lanez’s camp, the other day, was on me to start dressing up more but I’m from Compton — the land of Chuck Taylors and t-shirts so it’s hard for me to steer away from that.


What was the last thing you remember purchasing?

A chain. My chain was recently stolen from my house that my ex gave me. My first chain ever. I finally got a house and I said I would never be the rapper to invite niggas over and get robbed. [laughs] But I was definitely that nigga — I had to go and buy me a chain the next day cause I wasn’t about let no one just get over on me and have me looking wack. [laughs]


As far as women in music, Fuck, Marry, Kill: Jhené Aiko, Tinashe, Kehlani?

Everybody know that Jhené Aiko is my official celebrity crush so I’m gonna marry her definitely. Damn, I can’t kill Kehlani cause she from Cali but it’s fucked up cause Tinashe is too but I attach to Kehlani’s music more so I’m just gonna kill Tinashe.


Any other new music we can look forward to?

Yep. “Oh My (Remix)” in the next coming months. I can’t say the artist name but also Thirst 48 (Part 2) coming February.

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