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Saint Millie talks Toy Drive, working with Mano and new upcoming project, Adderall

Saint Millie talks Toy Drive, working with Mano and new upcoming project, Adderall

In our recent interview with Chicago-based rapper Saint Millie we discussed his last project, GLORY, his sponsored Toy Drive, Treated Crew, religious practices, his upcoming project Adderall and more at Jugrnaut during an exclusive Media Day event for selected Chicago influencers.


Aside from your domination of faith, what else do you do religiously?

Millie: Religiously, I work on music everyday and probably smoke everyday. [laughs]


You recently dropped ‘Million Dollar Dreams (Freestyle),’ what inspired that freestyle?

I was in New York, we was in Jim Jones studio and he wanted to hear some shit, and I went in the booth and knocked the record out and Jim was like ‘Oh Shit!’ Pretty much being in that essence of New York City inspired that freestyle.
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Listening to your previous project, Glory, was one of the best pieces of work in reference to your brand, Saint Millie, that album was tight as far as production, lyrical content and was a super cohesive project.

Thank you. I appreciate that.


What has transpired since the last project, Glory?

Right now, we’re focused on a project called Adderall. It’s a little different from Glory. I feel like Glory was a re-introduction to everything I’ve been working on within that year. Now, it’s about taking it to the next level. We’ve been working with a lot of different producers and having fun. I’m in a metamorphosis stage right now; where now people know I can rap, now I have to give them records. Real records.


You gotta come with the heat.

Yeah, exactly, the heat. So we’re really trying to build cohesive, strong, solid records for this next project. And we’re focused, that’s what the title Adderall derived from trying to create something that’s timeless.


You went on tour with Lil’ Dicky this year how was that experience?

Man, that was really fucking cool. Dicky is an awesome person. From him and his team to allow me to be on that tour was a total different experience for me. The crowd I was performing in front of weren’t the normal Chicago crowd and they really showed love like I’ve never seen before.


That’s always nice.

Yeah, they bought CDs off me, autographs off me, whatever I had to potentially sell to them, they showed love and that really helped me out.


I just seen you in the studio with Mano, who was just nominated for a Grammy with The Weeknd’s project, you two working on any sounds together?

Yeah, that’s my big bro. Mano has always looked out for me whether it be advice or whatever it may be. Recently, we stepped in the lab and worked on a new record called ‘No Heauxs‘ which is a pretty interesting record. I got the beat from C-Sick, Mano put a verse, hook on it and worked on the beat a little bit. We also got Sir Michael Rocks on that record.


Oh shit!

Yeah, that’s gonna be a pretty dope record for me. I’m excited about that record.


When you do you think that record will be released?

Probably in the new year of 2016.


Speaking of Mano, how has Treated Crew been helpful to your movement?

It’s been a blessing in general because Treated Crew is more like my brothers. Y’know they’re the people I can consult with about my music career and life to help me navigate through certain obstacles. With them being so seasoned in the game and being around industry cats and all types of shit for years — they’ve just really been my big brothers and guided me. Being apart of Treated means a lot to me and I wear my crown proudly.


You’re doing a Toy Drive with Daryn Alexus, tell me what giving back at Xmas means to you?

Yes, on December 15th we’re giving toys to Toys for Tots and we’re also giving back to a women’s treatment center in Chicago. So, anyone who knows me or listened to my music know my mom when through rehab and drug addiction which also affected me. Growing up, I know what it’s like — Your mom not being able to give and buy you presents from jail. I’m reminded of that when giving back to the kids and people in less fortunate situations. That’s what the holidays are about for me. This time of the year, I want to be the giver, instead of always taking.


That’s amazing.

I’m blessed to be around great people, work on great music and have great opportunities to travel because of music. Now, my way of accepting all those blessings are to give back.


Working closely at Jugrnaut and seeing all the latest collections, what are some of your favorite brands?

Of course, Jugrnaut’s in-house brand. Treated brand, we got a lot upcoming collabs coming out that Mano has been working on. BBC is another favorite. 10.Deep. KENZO is Europe is another favorite. I’ve got a bunch. I love clothes. Shout-out to BAPE too.


Check for new Saint Millie in 2016. Follow Millie on Soundcloud, Instagram and Twitter.  Today is his Toy Drive in Chicago at 8:15PM at Tonic Room featuring Daryn Alexus.  Be sure to support. Merry Christmas.









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