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Why It Makes Sense for Rihanna’s high-end FENTY Line to Take A Hiatus

Why It Makes Sense for Rihanna’s high-end FENTY Line to Take A Hiatus

Rihanna’s LVMH-supported high-end luxury label has taken a back seat to RiRi’s other successes.

Rihanna is rocking the commerce world — one brand at a time. According to WWD, Rihanna and LVMH is taking a pause on her namesake luxury clothier to focus more on her lingerie Savage x Fenty line and backing it with $115 million in new funding towards the unisex inclusive brand.

Both Rihanna and LVMH mutually agreed to focus less on FENTY and more on the brands taking off a lot quicker.

The brand stopped posting on its Instagram account on Jan. 1, and the last collection drop on dates back to November 2020: nail-heeled footwear in collaboration with one of Rihanna’s favorite shoe designers, Amina Muaddi. It is understood the e-commerce site — the main distribution channel for Fenty fashions — is to go dark by the end of February or early March.

Although, Rihanna has won awards for the luxury brand already in 2019 at British Fashion Council. Rihanna won the ‘Urban Luxe’ to honor contemporary labels that elevate the concept of casual which proceeded Virgil Abloh’s Off-White the following year. But the hiatus actually makes sense especially considering the state of luxury fashion houses alike.

Brands like Gucci, Ralph Lauren, Saint Laurent, Off-White, Alexander Wang have all adopted the Fear of God approach to adopting a new untraditional fashion calendar on their own terms.

The likelihood of the brand returning with a more highly conceptual release is likely seeing that the brand wasn’t completely nixed instead re-appropriating priorities to thriving markets.

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