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Robb Bank$ talks Influences, ‘Soundcloud rap’ & being affiliated with Cash Money

Robb Bank$ talks Influences, ‘Soundcloud rap’ & being affiliated with Cash Money

Interview by Pedro Gomez | Photography by Pedro Gomez & Luis Quezada

We caught up with Robb Bank$ early this month on his stop in Chicago while on tour at The Portage Theater on a late Saturday (Dec. 9th) show which included Lucki Eck$ and Kid Trunks.

Photography by Pedro Gomez

Pedro: That shit was nuts.

Robb Bank$: Thanks man.

For me, I love when artists are about the people and the crowd and they f*ck with you and vice versa.

Thanks bro.


Photography by Pedro Gomez

As far as influencers, who did you grow up listening to?

Sade & Lil’ Wayne. Those are the main two artist that comes to mind on first hand.

Where you from?

Broward County, FL.

Where did your stage name originate?

My name is Rob. I doubled the ‘b’ and I didn’t want to be just ‘Robb’ sh*t’s wack so I added Bank$.


Photography by Luis Quezada

When I hear Soundcloud rappers I feel they start a wave of energy in the industry. Many attribute negativity to the sound or type of artist? How do you feel about labeling and boxing in artists?

I don’t really care to be honest. They used to call it ‘cloud rap’, they call it many things. I don’t know. I’m just me. My b**ch be wanting to put a label on our relationship. When a n*gga put a label on my music I don’t really care for it. It’s the same thing as a b*tch saying “Oh, that’s my boyfriend…” You can think whatever you want to think doesn’t mean it’s ‘that.’

It’s true you signed to Cash Money?

Yes and no. I actually never signed to Cash Money but I’m still Rich Gang. I was never officially signed to Cash Money. People just seen that video of me and Birdman — and jumped to conclusions. Same assumptions on a first listen saying my music is ‘cloud rap’. Which I’m fine with… Bird is like my unc, man. That’s a big brother for real. He taught me a lot. I’m signed to myself right now though.

So you’re independent right now?

Yeah. I have a partnership with a label but I’m signed to myself.

How many more days are you guys on tour for?



Photography by Luis Quezada


Listen to Robb Bank$ project which just dropped yesterday entitled 2:Pillz on the player below.


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