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Listen to the Emotional Ballad from North Carolina Singer Moonlander

Listen to the Emotional Ballad from North Carolina Singer Moonlander

Moonlander (Dillon Church) returns with his song Famous, an emotional ballad crafted from his brothers suicide.

According to Moon, Famous was made before his brother took his life, and the song wasn’t intended to be a single. Moonlander said that “when he took his life it made me want to go harder then ever and make him proud but also be able to help people.” The song, which only originally contained the first verse and hook, was finished after his brothers death. Adding to the raw emotion of this song is Moonlander’s mother- whose voice can be heard at the beginning and end of the song explaining her son’s death to her father. Moon recorded his mom on the phone with his grandpa on the day his brother died, and chose to include it in the song  “not only to show where my emotion was coming from but also to show anyone who is thinking bout taking their life [to think] about how your loved ones are going to be when you do”. The song is so audibly personal and emotional, but Moonlander felt it was important to make. “It’s terrible to feel this way. I really just want people to hear this song and be able to get a glimpse into my life for a little.”

Check out Famous below, and don’t forget to follow Moonlander on all of his socials. His album, entitled Houston97, drops on May 16th (which is also his birthday). Check it all out below.

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