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Chopping It Up: Anwar Carrots

Chopping It Up: Anwar Carrots


How did the PUMA x Anwar Carrots collaboration come together?


The PUMA collaboration came together through Rich Kleimain of Roc Nation.


How was your last visit to Chicago during the Winter time?


Last visit to Chicago, I came in the Winter time. It was white. [laughs] It was beautiful. The studio was cool; the show was nice. I felt the crowd [at Casey Veggies show]. I got a shirt at DBM. With the area code on it — what’s the area code?




Yeah, that’s what it was. It had the 773 across it. I had fun.


What is Ain’t Shit Funny?


Josh Peas did a song on Casey Veggies’s Customized Greatly: Vol. 1 called “They Know” and it was Josh’s tagline [in the song] and we turned it into a brand. It’s Josh Peas exclusive shit: Ain’t Shit Funny. Cop that shit.


Who is bae?


Stella Blu. She’s all that matters.


[two_two][/two_two] [two_two]

Last thing you purchased?


Last thing I purchased was a New York Yankee fitted cap.


Last track you played on your iPhone?


Last track played on my iPhone is Fredo Santana’sPlayin’ Wit A Sack“.[/two_two]


As far as PNCINTL, what can we expect from the Fall/Winter ’14 Collection?


Fall/Winter Collection you can expect, Peas & Carrots International. [laughs]


No Hints?


I can give you something — Nah, no hints. I don’t like counting chickens before they hatch.


Name five brands that stand out to you and why?



I love DBM because it’s home-based. I like going somewhere and feel like I have to go to a certain place to get the item. I’m not like an online shopper. I like hometown shit.



I like their jeans.


Freed Minds

They make good shit.


PUMA and Cav Empt.

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