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Chicago’s Swim Team Set to Release First Album

Chicago’s Swim Team Set to Release First Album

Chicago’s very own Swim Team is an Emmy-award winning collective known for their behind the scenes work with well-known artists such as Chance the Rapper, A$AP Mob, and Vic Mensa. They’ve curated music for MTV, Desus & Mero, RedBull, and more. Now they’re stepping into the spotlight with their new 11 track album entitled Muse Project which features artists Brian Fresco, Simone Bisous, and Fat Tony.

I had the opportunity to preview the album before its release, and I can honestly say I enjoyed every bit of it. While all the songs are worth listening to, I especially enjoyed Alladin featuring Simone Bisous, All The Vibes, Rose Colored Glasses, and Crash– which they recently released the music video for. Each song on the album is so different from the last, making it easy to find at least one song that you enjoy, despite your musical preferences. With the release of this album and its predicted success, I hope that Swim Team continues their run in the spotlight and release more projects in the future.


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While you wait for Muse Project to be released on August 28th, check out the video for Crash. Tweet at us and let us know your thoughts on the new album.

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