5 Things We Want From The New Janet Jackson Album

The undeniable Queen of Pop, Janet Jackson, has blessed the world again with yet another era of music and new world tour. If you’re as big of fan of Miss Jackson as we are then you too might want the same things from this upcoming Janet Jackson LP that are in this list.




Yes, like Idolator stated, Janet Jackson has surpassed many artists with her own solo catalog without any help from guests on her records but the records she has collaborated on are just as solid. Like the time she did the record, “Got Til’ It’s Gone,” featuring Joni Mitchell & Q-Tip from her 1997 LP The Velvet Rope. What about the intellectually racially-conscious track from her 1993 LP  janet. called “New Agenda” featuring Chuck D? But let’s never forget the JAY Z-laced Kanye West-produced track “Strawberry Bounce,” from Damita Jo or even that Yeezy-featured track ‘My Baby‘.



Janet has expressed her admiration for artists like Drake and Beyoncé but we’d love to see (at least one of) these collaborations come to life. We know Drake will contribute a glorious beat to match Janet’s sensual voice over a record about love lost or even new love. A collaboration with today’s predecessor Beyoncé will be one to remember considering Janet Jackson rarely does records with fellow R&B divas. Any — and I mean absolutely anything with The Weeknd will be welcomed with open arms. I think we all agree on that. A possible vintage-flare could come from the studio of Pharrell Williams will spark nostalgia with new and classic Janet fans. Maybe a song written by fellow fan and admirer Tinashe? We know she’ll be able to channel Janet because … she already has, duh. Y’know Janet has been recently talking about a new movement and ‘adding to the conversation’ maybe 16-bars from K. Dot will spark a fuse in the conversation. I’m sure plenty with grab a chair to the table for that.





Much like her brother Michael, Janet doesn’t just create music videos they are usually more like visual masterpieces loaded with choreography. If not dance-heavy like Rhythm Nation, it’ll be equally sexy with videos like Any Time, Any Place or riding through the 109-degree heat in the desert in brief-clad trousers with her homegirls like in “You Want This“. We want Janet to continue this visual masterpiece of intense visual mediums for us to enjoy. Janet is the type of artist to create an entire album full of videos (yes, even before visual albums was a thing).





Performances aren’t what they used to be anymore but if anyone can revamp that idea of an amazing performance I know it’ll be Janet Jackson.  Let’s take her infamous Superbowl performance, perhaps? Although controversial we must admit there weren’t many Superbowl performances worth talking about before (or really after) Janet’s 2004 performance. Janet definitely gives you a show every time she hits the stage.





I don’t know about you guys but we’re still appreciators of tangible albums and artwork is very important especially if those images include the front (or back) of Janet Jackson. Janet has had a collection of classic and icon worthy shots behind the camera in her 20+ year career. Like the entire Rhythm Nation gear in black-and white, or the 1993 Rolling Stone cover shoot by Patrick Demarchelier — we want something like that. I’d like to see more of that captured in this new era where we can say this is the Janet we know and love in this new age of music.





Okay, okay, okay. We know Janet is married, 49 and is practically a muslim woman by marriage to her billionaire husband Wissam Al Mana … but we’d love to get one more ‘Any Time, Any Place‘ out of her. I mean, the whisper notes and sexual content just mesh so well when listening to Janet Jackson’s more sensual songs. Like the pull over and let me give you fellatio on “Warmth” or the drip-drop-drip-drippity-drop record “Moist” and we can’t even imagine to forget “Would You Mind” and needing a little reprimanding on the Ne-Yo written “Discipline“. C’mon Janet… just one more? Please.


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