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Fresh Finds: Yung Citizen | OutKast

Fresh Finds: Yung Citizen | OutKast

Brandon Sang

If you need some new music to bump to this weekend, check out the latest from Charlotte born rapper and producer Yung Citizen entitled OutKast. It features singer, Moonlander, and rapper Rob Flo, both of whom Yung Citizen has known since 2014. The video for OutKast was shot and edited by Yung’s friend Austin Chaney, and took at least twenty takes. The simplicity and uniqueness of the final product gives off a vibe missing from pop culture and hip-hop in general nowadays, and that’s something that drew my attention. I had the opportunity to ask Yung some questions pertaining to OutKast, and what we can look forward to from him in the future. Check out the video for OutKast below.

Brandon Sang

How did you, Moonlander, and Rob Flo get together on this?

Everything is all about timing. We wrote that song early Fall of 2017. When we met up and I presented the record we all automatically connected and wrote the song in one night.

What is the song OutKast about?

[OutKast] is about not being afraid to step out of your comfort zone and knowing that you don’t have to be something else just to fit in. Never be afraid to be yourself or unique. We have so many kids and young adults that think if they dress a certain way like the rest, talk a certain way, do certain things then they’ll fit in.

This record particularly I stepped out of my comfort zone. It’s a different cadence for me and I fell in love with the record instantly.

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So what’s next for you? Are you working on an album or EP?

I plan to release a full length album “Millennial: The (Un)American Dream”. I plan to release it early summer. The album is about being a millennial. We were programmed to live this life of going to school, get a degree, come out getting a job, getting married and having kids. But for most of us that’s not happening. We’re the creators of this generation. We don’t like working a 9-5. We want to create and monetize off of that. We want to start our own businesses.


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