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Young Jeezy & Shyne Cover XXL

Young Jeezy & Shyne Cover XXL

Mr. 103, Young Jeezy, and Shyne covers the September 2010 double issue of XXL. In the issue, Shyne talks about his current thoughts on Diddy and being deported back to Belize after prison. Jeezy chatted with XXL on his upcoming album, Thug Motivation 103, which is now scheduled to be in stores on his birthday, September 28th. Check out a few quotes from the issue below:

Shyne on Diddy:

“I don’t know whether he was nervous, afraid,” Shyne says of Puffy. “When you’re afraid and you’re emotional, that’s a different survival tactic. Those are the people that do anything, regardless of character and integrity, to preserve and protect themselves, regardless of who they hurt. I guess maybe that was the situation. Never been in a situation like that, where he facing years, and he got hundreds of millions and all that sh*t at stake. But where I’m from, doesn’t matter. You lose everything for your comrade. Again, if you’re in battle, I’ll catch a bullet, too. It ain’t like, Yo, he’s dead. Don’t make no sense for me to die, too. Nah, I’ma die, too! So you hope or you take for granted that all men are the same. But I know all men are not.”

Shyne on being deported to Belize

“I always knew it was a possibility I might be deported. I had lawyers, and I had people with serious relationships working to get me a f*ckin’ opportunity to continue my life in the place that raised me and developed me and grew me, after payin’ my debt, ya dig?”

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Jeezy talks TM 103

“I’m doin’ what any n*gga would do on his fourth album. I’m gettin’ it together. I’m not just gon’ give you anything, to be hot and relevant. That don’t make sense. That’s like telling a muthafu**a anything just to get it done. I’ma be straight up with you, so when you walk away, even if you ain’t satisfied, I kept it real. I kept it 100. And that’s the way I feel. I wouldn’t even call it the top of my game. I’m just really figuring out the music sh*t.”

Read the rest when it arrives on stands August 10th.

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