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Watch: Raja Kumari – Firestarter

Watch: Raja Kumari – Firestarter

Indian American Rapper blends traditional Indian dance with hip-hop in her visual for ‘Firestarter’

The Grammy nominated dancer, rapper, and singer dropped the Michael Garcia directed visual for her song ‘Firestarter’. She will also be paying tribute to the late singer-songwriter, Amy Winehouse at the Back To Amy concert.

Regarding her release, Raja Kumari commented, “After the last 16 months that we spent in the pandemic it was important for me to put out something that represented what I was going through. I just love how universal the record is and how it’s for everyone. The song represents being reborn and rising from the ashes like a phoenix and the need to constantly reinvent yourself and not being fearful about it. This is my 25th music video and I have accepted now that it’s my job to make these visual pieces of musical art. It’s been almost two years since I’ve been on the set, specifically for my own independent music video, where it’s about the fashion and the production. This is the first time that I didn’t take the whole creation process too seriously as I wanted it to be fun and free flowing.”

Watch the video for ‘Firestarter’ below.

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