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Victoria Monét & Kehlani Releases Anticipated ‘Touch Me’ (Remix)

Victoria Monét & Kehlani Releases Anticipated ‘Touch Me’ (Remix)

Victoria Monét & Kehlani links for a rework of Monét’s ‘Touch Me’

A collaboration we all wanted is finally here. Singer & songwriter, Victoria Monét grants fans with a collaboration with ex-lover friend, Kehlani. ‘Touch Me (Remix)‘ illustrates the romantic relationship between the two singers, especially Kehlani, who goes into explicit detail about their adoration for one another. Kehlani states in her verse:

I’ll stop rockin’ nails for you

I’ll park the Porsche and drop the top

You drop your dress, I’ll take the stress away from you

You’re beggin’ me to make a move

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These lyrics leave vivid images in your mind as to what they want you to know about their relationship. Monét took to Instagram to announce the track & wrote a heartfelt message to commemorate the track’s release by stating, “It feels so nice to finally have music WITH you and not just about you lmao thank you for being all that you are 🤎 Touch Me Remix by us OUT NOW.” Kehlani responded with her own post, “true stories from the queen @victoriamonet thanks for asking me to slide. 🍂 loving you always.

It is confirmed that ‘Hate The Club featuring Masego‘ on Kehlani’s sophomore album, IWGUIW was about Monét. I mean, she even shouts her out on the track. Enough with the background love story of these two — listen to the Babyface-written track here.

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