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Usher Accused of Using Fake Money At Vegas Strip Club

Usher Accused of Using Fake Money At Vegas Strip Club

‘Usher Bucks’ trends on Twitter after being accused of tipping using fake money.

Usher is catching criticism for allegedly throwing fake money at a Las Vegas strip club. The ‘Usher Bucks’ were originally being used in promotion of his new Las Vegas residency via Instagram. A dancer from the club at Crazy Horse: Gentleman’s Club called out the R&B star for using fake cash. She stated, “The money does not have a trade in value whatsoever. Don’t y’all think he should be blasted for this shit?”

The incident went viral on social media which led to a lot of conversation and comedic memes.

The ‘I Don’t Mind’ singer was last seen with a suitcase of Usher Bucks for a promotional photo shoot for his Las Vegas residency. Do you believe it was an honest mistake or was this a case of ‘dance & dash’ on Usher’s part? Sound off in the comments below.

Update: According to RAP-UP, the strip club tells TMZ that Usher spent thousands dancers and that the fake money was not used as payment. In fact, he reportedly tipped the staff “quite generously.” Someone in his crew left behind the Usher Bucks as a gag to promote his Vegas residency.
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