Twitter unfairly suspends The Fader, Pigeons and Planes, 2DOPEBOYZ accounts due to a copyright claim

Twitter got rid of many of our favorite music publications accounts today due to a copyright claim by Viacom.

#FREEFADER. One of the few hashtags that has generated due to the unfair suspension of Twitter accounts from popular music publications due to a copyright infringement claim by recording labels and Viacom.

Three other popular music blogs — 2DOPEBOYZ, Hip Hop N More, and the Complexowned Pigeons and Planeshave also been suspended. One possible reason: Many music news accounts tweeted footage from the BET Awards on Sunday night and the NBA Awards on Monday night.

The most popular theory about The Fader’s suspension, expressed by readers but shut down by the site’s editors, was that it had something to do with the magazine’s recent cover featuring Love & Hip Hop star and artist Cardi B. Another suggested that The Fader had also shared a Young Thug track list and gotten in trouble with Atlantic Records — also rebutted. In a video tweeted from Complex’s account, Pigeons and Planes writer John Walaszek initially said the suspension was because he “used a song in a meme” without approval from the owner. That appears to be a joke. The theories, in the absence of official information, circulate widely anyway.


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