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Tinashe Continues to Hit Every Mark on ‘333 Tour’

Tinashe Continues to Hit Every Mark on ‘333 Tour’

Tinashe is still one of R&B’s most prolific pop stars in music.

Tinashe recently came to the House of Blues in Chicago to perform a set for her 333 Tour this year. We’ve watched Tinashe grow not only as an artist but as a performer and she continues to exceed our expectations with her ability to entertain. I wrote an article in 2016 on why Tinashe is the most electrifying artist in R&B right now back in 2016.

Tinashe on 333 Tour in Chicago at House of Blues / Javier Montez

Not much has changed except the new installment of her approach to designing her stage to resemble her “333” world in a 3-tier towering build-out to feature her live band. The stage was designed to be more visible to her sold-out audience at the House of Blues. Tinashe still remains one of the most interesting and captivating performers in the landscape of R&B artists. The new album 333 (Roc Nation / Tinashe Music)’ is an introspective album that is aimed to promote positive affirmations described by Tinashe in a recent interview:

“I named it 333 because I really felt like I was on the right path, in alignment with what I was meant to do. I just wanted to acknowledge that.”

Tinashe on the meaning of 333 / NOTION

Tinashe on 333 Tour in Chicago at House of Blues / Javier Montez

Tinashe has been still actively working with some of the best creatives behind the scenes including producer Hitmaka (Nicki Minaj, Tamar Braxton, Chris Brown) and choreographer Parris Goebel (Ciara, Rihanna, Jennifer Lopez). Her visuals from the last project, Songs For You, showcased what exactly Tinashe can contribute to the landscape of popular R&B music. The project ended up on our 20 best projects of the year. This latest project 333 is another testament of Tinashe’s ability to produce and song-write. Tinashe secured two sold-out Chicago dates. Tinashe’s ability to surge the energy in the room solidifies her true showmanship. The 28-year old singer went through songs like her most recognizable hit “2 On,” along with “All Hands on Deck,” the Janet Jackson-sampled record “How Many Times” featuring Future, “Link Up“ “Bouncin” “X” with tenacity, high-energy choreography while also performing with live vocal.

Tinashe on 333 Tour in Chicago at House of Blues / Javier Montez

As fans stand in line to see Tinashe the eclectic group of fans rush into place to see REI AMI perform as opener for tonight show. Her pop-rap punk flair amped up the crowd to see headliner Tinashe. As we wait for Tinashe,I spotted her younger brother Kudzai Kachingwe in the bar area wearing a piece of Tinashe’s tour merch and immediately recognized him. I spoke to him and said, Hey, aren’t you Tinashe‘s little brother and halfway smiling with a mask on his face he responded, “Yeah I am!” and my brother responded, “I can already see the resemblance through a mask.” This would the same brother that Tinashe samples in her song “Die A Little Bit” from her last project “Songs For You.” Tinashe has managed a presence that is uniquely only about her music outside of her first public breakup with NBA player Ben Simmons but even that turned into a beautiful upbeat track “Save Room For Us” which reminded me of how fragile Tinashe may have been during that time. In the track, she sings:

“All these times zones between us have grown / But these nights don’t get easier when I see you with her / Just save room for us / Somewhere just save room for us / You’ll come back for us”

‘Save Room For Us’ / Tinashe

One of the best moments of the show is questioning whether or not Tinashe is going to perform the fun trampoline choreography from her “Bouncin” visual. The audience’s electric response rose as she climbed toward the center of the stage as the song progressed and used the same small trampoline which garnered a legion of screams cheering as she flawlessly executed the choreography.

With limited acts that are contributing dance to the landscape of music, rap stars are starting to use choreography to captivate fans now. People like JaQuel Knight and Sean Bankhead are starting to work with acts like female rap stars like Megan Thee Stallion and Cardi B to bring notable dance routines to the stage.

On the 333 Tour, Tinashe reminds us why she’s the consistently the most seasoned amongst her musical peers especially as it relates to independently crafting great dance numbers, songwriting, production and showmanship.

Watch the ‘333 Tour’ show in full live at Moment House below.

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