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The Queue: Kalin White | Would You Still Be There?

The Queue: Kalin White | Would You Still Be There?

R&B newcomer Kalin White latest project Would You Still Be There? is new and necessary.

We’ve been sitting with Kalin White’s music for quite awhile now awaiting for another body of work from him since Chapter 21. The track, “delete my number, for real this time” was more than enough for us to anticipate his upcoming release.

Delete my #, for real this time

This new project, Would You Still Be There? doesn’t disappoint. The 13-track project showcases an array of melodies and content that’s effortlessly cool and instantaneously relatable. Like on his infections track, “Mentions,” which paints a moment about an interested girl anything she can for public digital display of affection on social media. Even ‘Thought You Knew‘ and “idc about the club, I just want you” prove to be solid stand outs from the project.

IDC About The Club, I Just Want You

Thought You Knew

Listen to Kalin’s full project now via Spotify on the player below.

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