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Start Your Weekend Off With Music by Felix Jaehn, S’natra and More

Start Your Weekend Off With Music by Felix Jaehn, S’natra and More

One Time by Son of Faust and Jah, featuring Leslie Carron

Starting off with the sobering line “One time for the lost ones/For the ones tugging on the book/Praying that the man from the cross comes/For the ones wishing they could buy they family the world/And not worry about how much its gonna cost em”, Jah and Son of Faust rap over an ethereal beat. What makes this song even better is the epic switch up that happens about 1:40 in, when Leslie Carron enters and lends her incredible voice for the rest of the song. This song speaks a lot of truth, but does so in a way that isn’t overbearing.

The Land by Johnny Mac

Another sobering song, this one starts off a little slow but it gets so, so good. Johnny does an amazing job of telling the sad story of life in Hollywood, in such a beautiful way. His rapping style and the perfect blend of delicate but bold beats helps you to really envision it when he says “Cries herself to sleep because she knows what she’s doing/Came to the land for her dreams to pursue it/Spent all her time doing drugs chasin’ fame and the booze”.


Cool by Felix Jaehn featuring Marc E. Bassy and Gucci Mane

Felix enlists Marc E. Bassy and Gucci Mane for Cool. Fusing pop with rap and edm, Felix perfectly embodies what a summer song is. The definition of this song is in the title. It’s just cool. It’s a fun song with an infectious beat that makes you want to just get up and dance.

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Off Key by S’natra

With a catchy hook, a dope beat, and clever rhymes, S’natra murders this song. His flow is amazing, and he’s rapping about trying to make money and just figuring out how to live life, which is really relatable. Off Key is the perfect song to vibe to on a Friday night.

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