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Spotify Introduce ‘Tipping’ For Artists

Spotify Introduce ‘Tipping’ For Artists

Fans can now contribute to artists directly from the Spotify app.

Spotify has introduced ‘Artist Fundraising Pick’ which has given fans to now tip their favorite artists or donate to a cause of their choice. Fans can now donate to causes selected by the artist or to the artist themselves via and Cash App.


About the initiative, Spotify said in a blog post: “Given the urgency and impact of the COVID-19 crisis, we’re working as quickly as we can to develop this new product and get it out to as many artists as possible. However, we’ve never built a fundraising feature like this before. We consider this a first version that will evolve as we learn how to make it as helpful as possible for the music community.”

Artist can pin the destination link where they’d like fans to donate to the top of their profile pages. While Spotify has its own COVID-19 fundraising platform, artists aren’t tied exclusively to fundraising for others.

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