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Respect the Shooter: David Camarena

Respect the Shooter: David Camarena

But the one behind the lens lasts forever.

Whether he’s in Tokyo with Aaron Kai, shooting for The Weeknd’s label or directing visuals for artists like Travi$ Scott or Kehlani he’s probably on tour with someone in your iPod.

You recently toured with Wiz Khalifa, how was that experience?

Touring in the past with Wiz Khalifa & Taylor gang was a huge inspirational experience for me. I felt like I grew as a person and I learned how to move around and handle my business, being around the best. They really work hard and know how to have fun doing it. However, I recently just off tour with Kehlani.

What was the craziest thing you’ve seen on tour with Wiz?

The craziest thing I’ve seen on tour with Wiz is actually him performing. I never seen him perform growing up but always wanted to. There was many times where I had to stop and just watch the show.

When did you know film was your passion?

I knew film was a passion when I couldn’t stop doing it every day. I had tommy john surgery on my right arm from baseball so I couldn’t play the whole year. I was hella bored in that time and picked up a camera and haven’t put it down since .

What movie or TV Show can you remember inspiring you to create moments on film?

I always thought the movie ‘Sandlot’ was hella cool. That was my favorite movie growing up and still is. Made me want to film cool shit with my friends.

You also shot one of the first lookbooks for The Weeknd’s XO brand; how did that transpire?

Screen Shot 2015-11-16 at 6.24.52 PM

My homie, Julian Edward, who works with me all the time was in contact with them doing a photoshoot. He texted me and said lets make a dope video to go along with the photoshoot and I was down. We shot and edited those photos and video in one night. Julian, my bro.

As you evolve as a director and visual artist, what do you do to push yourself creatively?

I just try to work hard as possible and pay attention to my surroundings and experiences each day. Especially being new in LA, everything is interesting to me right now.

You also toured the world with pop-artist Aaron Kai, how was that trip?

Touring around Asia with Aaron Kai & Official was one of the best times of my life. Seeing the culture and Aaron paint everyday was very inspiring. I definitely brought some inspiration home from Asia and apply it to my art today.

Did you visit any cool stores while in Asia?

We visited a bunch of cool stores. We had a pop-up shop each week in a different store. That whole week the store would host us and take us around and show us the area. They showed us the best food and we made a bunch of memories.

What was your favorite take-away from the trip?

My favorite take away from the Asia trip are definitely the stories. Moments with friends that I’ll for sure remember forever. I have countless film photos and videos that will always live on.

What’s your favorite past time when you’re not behind-the-lens?

My favorite past time before the camera was playing sports. I played baseball & football and that really was my whole life. Its what I happened to do in college. I woke up every morning thinking about sports. Crazy how everything flipped upside down.


Last album you loved and why?

Last album I loved was good kid, maad city. I listened to that album a lot when I was editing my videos.

Growing up in SF, how did that shape your creative perspective?

Growing up in the Bay was amazing. I love the Bay-area. In the Bay, you really have to grind and work hard to get noticed. There’s so many talented and creative people around you at all times, its a really amazing atmosphere. I’m very proud to be where I’m from.

Favorite brand/group out right now?

Favorite group is definitely The HBK Gang.

Favorite sneaker at the moment?

Converse. I always wear converse. Always have. They are my work shoes, hiking shoes, running shoes & fasho club shoes [laughs].

Last spot you ate grub at that you vividly remember the meal?

I had some really good ramen in LA with a pretty girl. That meal was fun.

Weapon of choice? (Type of camera you use)

Weapon of choice for tour is Canon 5D Mark III & for music videos I like using a Red Dragon. Hopefully, I’ll get to try some new weapons soon.

What can we expect from you in the near future?

You can expect more music videos from me in the near future & a dope film for an art show.

Advice for young creatives, like yourself?

Advice for young creatives is to work hard as you can. Push yourself and be the best your capable of being. Don’t shorten yourself. Also be very flexible, learn how to shoot, edit, direct and all of that. Also very important to surround yourself with people that want to be better than you. Important to have a team that pushes you to be better.

If you were a Pokémon trainer what type/kind of Pokémon would you have?

Charizard is fasho the homie.

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