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Meet PNTHN, The Emerging Rap Collective Out of San Marcos

Meet PNTHN, The Emerging Rap Collective Out of San Marcos


Started writing in high school, and in college he started recording.

Who is your favorite old school artist and favorite current artist?
Old school : Daft Punk
New school : Kanye West
 Who are some artists that you look up to?
Lyrical and Flow
Aspect: Earl Sweatshirt, Tyler The Creator, Kanye West, Tay Kay 47, Danny Brown, Isaiah Rashad, Kendrick Lamar, Dom Kennedy (just to name a few)
Juice from Flatbush Zombies, Tyler The Creator, Logic, Pharrell, Por Vida, Romby, Pierr Borne, and Metro boomin (to name a few)
What is something that you would like people to know about you?
In high school I was an introvert. I was that Oreo kid on the block who skateboarded listening to music from System of a Down to Tyler The Creator. I looked dusty. So I changed the way I look to be accepted. Finding my way to PNTHN helped me relearn who I am, as well as taught me that all that really matters is internal happiness. It is not about the flashy cars, clothes, and or flaunting money to prove to others that you got “it”. It’s about doing what makes you happy. If having a job to support your family making sure there is food on the table satisfies you, then do that. If it’s creating art or playing video games, then do that too. Don’t ever let anyone tell you what you can and can not do. You literally can live off of anything you’re passionate about. You just got to be willing to hustle, surround yourself with people of the same vision, and not give up.
Favorite song off of [from disorder…] and Potluck?
From disorder : Pcan Sandy
Potluck : Chrome & MewTwo

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