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Pink Dolphin x Black Pyramid Collaboration

Pink Dolphin x Black Pyramid Collaboration


Chris Brown introduces his streetwear brand Black Pyramid with a collaboration with Neima Khalia and Cena Berhaghi‘s street-luxe brand Pink Dolphin.

[one_one]Chris Brown joins fans and street vendors alike at the Pink Dolphin flagship store in Los Angeles, CA located on Fairfax Ave. Pink Dolphin brings two different pieces with features a combination of hand-drawn artwork by Brown and PD’s infamous pink dolphin. [/one_one]

The black pyramid label is basically an unknown art. We really haven’t mastered the art of making a pyramid ourselves, like the ancient ones, so it’s kinda like an unknown art. So I think my painting, my designs, whatever I do fashion wise is unknown to a lot of people.

-Chris Brown on Black Pyramid

Take a look at the gallery of the event below.

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