Micah “Noodles” Mahinay speaks on style, working with Kehlani & being a female DJ

Tsunami the mob, that’s a real set.


Micah Mahinay aka Noodles talks to Hypebeast regarding styling at an early age, supporting Kehlani and being a female DJ. Read a few excerpts from the interview below:


Which came first: Micah the stylist or Noodles the DJ?
I’ve been DJing since I was 15, but career-wise styling took off first. I went to a fashion school and majored in visual communication so I went into styling with that. I was just DJing on the side, and I never really thought I was going to do it full-time until I moved to LA.


Can you describe your style for me? How has your style sort of evolved during your transition from stylist to full-time DJ?
I wear a lot of my boyfriend’s clothes, so I would say it’s obviously on the streetwear side, but it’s on the cozy side, too. I wear sneakers all the time. I rarely ever wear heels unless we’re going to, like, the symphony or something (laughs).


It’s cool because a lot of the guys respect me as a female DJ, but I’m just out here trying to get it. Just build and work and brand myself the right way.

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Kehlani’s been on this really rapid rise to stardom, so how has it been for you to be apart of that journey, especially knowing her story and where she came from?
I don’t know any artist who puts on for their DJ the way she does for me. She’s such a supportive friend because she knew how much I sacrificed to make her vision come to life. She came from nothing so any sense of love she gets from someone, she always feels like she owes it back to them to go above and beyond. She always takes me everywhere she goes: to meetings, these young Hollywood parties [,etc.] Sometimes I’m so out of place but she believes we’re a dynamic duo. She feels like Kehlani is not just her. It’s me, her dancers, her keyboardist. It’s very family-oriented with her. She wants everyone to be treated equally. And she’s so young! She’s only 20.


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