Listen to the Latest from Florida Rapper Lackhoney

The 19 year-old Florida native just had his song, No Music featured on Spotify’s With You playlist, and is back with his new single, Gameplan. 

Lackhoney (Aly Lakhani), got his introduction to rap in the fifth grade after listening to Lil Wayne and Drake’s Right Above It. He was then introduced to radio freestyles, which led to him freestyling in the shower. His first song came in his senior year of high school after being rejected from the ED school he applied for. He realized his passion for music, and ended up teaching himself production, writing and recording. Now he’s at Vanderbilt University, and is continuing to make music.

Lackhoney describes Gameplan as “a mission statement”- it is an unspoken promise of what he hopes to accomplish in the future. He goes on to say, “I grew up with divorced parents, and my mom always stressed the importance of intention, speaking things into existence, and the law of attraction. This song is my “gameplan” on how I want to move with music in the next few years. With love/respect for the craft, ambition for everything that I hope to accomplish, and humility knowing that I couldn’t do anything alone.” You can listen Gameplan below, and download it here. Make sure to follow Lackhoney on all of his accounts linked below, for more music and merch.

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