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Lil Nas X releases New Video and Track ‘Sun Goes Down’

Lil Nas X releases New Video and Track ‘Sun Goes Down’

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Georgia Native Lil Nas X releases the video for his new track Sun Goes Down

Lil Nas X finally released the video for SUN GOES DOWN which he announced last week on social media. The video, directed by both Lil Nas X & Psycho Films features cameos by Nas X’s father, R. L. Stafford, and real-life Taco Bell employee Andrew German, who is a recipient of the fast-food chain’s $25,000 Live Más Scholarship.

In an interview with Rolling Stone, Nas talks about the aesthetic for his videos: “My visual aesthetic is always changing. But a reoccurring theme in my work would always be Surrealism, or Futurism. I really love to mix reality with imagination—I guess that’s my ‘thing,’” he said. “But for [the music video for] ‘SUN GOES DOWN,’ I kept that kind of feeling to a minimum, because I wanted it to feel very real. But you still have me in a meditative state, where I go to this purple world where it’s like my future and past all existing in one place. I fly through that and go to my past me, and I’m trying to uplift him.”

Check out the SUN GOES DOWN video below.

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