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Is Beyoncé & Jay-Z Planning a Visual Collaborative Album?

Is Beyoncé & Jay-Z Planning a Visual Collaborative Album?

The Carters’ are back in town.

Beyoncé & Jay-Z are going back on the road this summer with their new joint tour series, OTR 2. Beyoncé announced the tour on Instagram to her 112 million followers on Monday. Sources confirmed a tour was coming after the information leaked on a LIVE NATION Facebook page. Pre-sale for the tour starts Wednesday, March 14th for Beyhive members and TIDAL subscribers. The general public sale is set for March 19th.

Fans speculate if there is a new collaborative album announcement coming. The concept for the album is there. The initial ON THE RUN tour was supported by a trailer directed by Melina Matsoukas with Hollywood cameos from Sean Penn, Don Cheadle, Guillermo Díaz, Emmy Rossum, Jake Gyllenhaal, Blake Lively, Rashida Jones and Kidada Jones. The new tour is definitely going to be supported by new visuals but is there going to be new music as well?

Jay & B’s announcement of the tour comes fresh off a collaborative track release, ‘Top Off‘ featuring DJ Khaled & Future. The lyrics to the song ‘Top Off‘ connects for the thematics of the tour with bandits evading cops. “I see the po-po behind me, rrt, ain’t gon’ stop/V12, see ya, 12 (bye)/I do the whole dash with no seatbelt.”

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The timing is perfect for a collaborative album where the world is watching the power couple proverbially fix their marital issues in front of the world with great bodies of work (4:44, Lemonade). Jay-Z has done two collaborative albums in the past with Chicago R&B pioneer, R. Kelly. Also, the iconic joint album featuring Kanye West, ‘Watch The Throne’. The concept was so thorough that they even had a band name for the duo: The Throne. Jay-Z coupling up with artists is nothing new, so why wouldn’t he create art with his wife? A full body of work. And this will mark Beyoncé’s first collaborative visual album with another artist. With the current trend of collaborative albums (Without WarningSuper Slimey) in the marketplace and Beyoncé’s affinity with visuals, the concept is already there to make an action movie with a soundtrack for the film similar to the trailer for the 2014 ON THE RUN tour.

Beyoncé is also indexed as ‘B‘ on the credits on TIDAL (which is seperate from her Beyoncé artist page) that kinda indicates that ‘B’ as a new artist. In my inner circle, we have already speculated that this new body of work will separate Beyoncé’s catalog from this album as a rap moniker, B. Another addition to her list of alter-egos (Sasha Fierce, B).

No one is positively sure what is coming but just know we have our notification alerts ON!

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