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Insecure Season 4 Recap | The Fall of Issa & Molly

Insecure Season 4 Recap | The Fall of Issa & Molly

*Spoilers Ahead*

Issa & Molly Aren’t The Same… 

Season 4 of Insecure came to a finale Sunday night with its 10 and final episode titled “Lowkey Lost.” The season ended with a break up, a pregnancy, and a small reunion between Issa (played by Issa Rae) and Molly (Yvonne Orji). The season had many ups and downs for main character Issa who earlier in the season spent a lot of her time trying to curate a block club party in her neighborhood. Many different emotions and situations occurred this season, lets talk about it..

In the past, Issa struggled dealing with Lawrence (Jay Ellis) trying to figure out life while they were together. She had a weak moment and stepped out on their relationship. Enter Nathan (Kendrick Sampson) who she sees for a moment but then he suddenly disappears and later we find out he’s suffering from bi-polar disorder and is struggling to tell Issa in the process. Nathan and Issa never really become a full-fledged couple. Meanwhile, Molly finds herself gaining new feelings for the man she’s seeing Andrew (Alexander Hodge). During the season they had their ups and downs as well. In Lawrence’s world, he’s thriving with his new tech company and later we find out he is actually looking for something better which could possibly force him out of LA. Lawrence meets a new woman during Season 3, Condola (Christina Elmore) who ironically ends up being the creative director for Issa’s block party. Later Issa finds out that Lawrence and Condola are dating making the whole situation awkward. Issa and Condola makes it work for a couple of episodes but eventually Condola also disappears on Issa (later finding out because her and Lawrence were no longer together). During the process of curating the block party, Issa and Molly’s friendship becomes nonexistent. At the block party, Molly finds out that her boyfriend Andrew actually helped Issa reach out to an artist who could perform at the party infuriating Molly because she selfishly told Issa she did not want her “messing up a good thing.” Issa brushed it off and let it go. A heated argument starts at the party between the two seeming as if the friendship was over. What could happen next?

Insecure / HBO

Issa and Molly actually did not talk for weeks. Meanwhile, Molly takes her first vacation with boyfriend Andrew and his family. Molly does not like a few comments Andrew’s brother makes and eventually stops speaking to him because of it, causing friction in the relationship with Andrew. More and more proof of Molly not being able to let things go. By Episode 8 (“Lowkey Happy,”) Issa and Lawrence decide to meet up for drinks, catch up and talk life, careers, past mistakes, and what makes each of them happy. This leads to the long awaited reunion between the two. Issa tells Lawrence she does not want the night to end… and it never does. Seemingly, Issa and Lawrence are back. An aesthetically pleasing episode leaving me with the emotions and feeling that episode 8 was a Top 3 episode in the history of the show.

Lowkey Trying / HBO

Thank you Natasha Rothwell (Kelli) for that beautifully written episode. During Episode 9 (“Lowkey Trying,”) Molly and Issa decide to end their hiatus and sit down for an awkward brunch never discussing the heated argument they had at Issa’s party. It ends with several things left unsaid. By the end of the episode, all hell breaks loose when Molly accidentally texts Issa while trying to text Andrew, “See. I’m trying with her.” Issa storms out with Molly chasing behind, they talk for a moment but Molly tells her, “maybe who you are now and who I am now just don’t fit anymore.” Leaving Issa in tears. That left me feeling a way because I feel like Molly’s selfishness was on display times ten this season. She loved Issa when she down and still trying to figure her life out. When she could call Issa anytime and she would be there for her at every moment. Once Issa got on her feet and focused on making a brand out of her self, Molly could not handle it. She was beyond snotty to everywhere this season, leaving many mouths salty on social media.

Issa Rae & Yvonne Orji / HBO

In the final Episode (“Lowkey Lost,”) by the end the relationship is all but over between Molly and Andrew, with Andrew breaking it off by pointing out how out of sync they were. I think we all saw this coming. Meanwhile in Issa and Lawrence’s world – just like in the past different problems begin to arise. Lawrence confirms he got the job in San Francisco with Issa happy to do a long-distance relationship and or possibly even moving out of her beloved LA neighborhood. But not so fast, later he then reveals that his ex Condola came by his apartment the night prior and he revealed that she’s pregnant. Condola also reveals that she’s ready to be a mother no matter what so she will be indeed keeping the baby. Leaving a dark cloud over Lawrence and Issa’s relationship. Will they be able to get past this? Issa’s ex Nathan revealed he was upset he missed his chance with her, leaving room for a possible Season 5 reconnection. Issa and Molly had somewhat of a reunion looking for their friend Tiffany (Amanda Seales) who is dealing with postpartum depression and suddenly disappears. She’s eventually found at a hotel. By the end of the episode Molly reaches out to Issa and it ends with them seeming as if they were finally gonna put everything on the table and discuss their differences. We look forward to Season 5 and all the drama that could follow.

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