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Get to Know Producer Lil Polearm

Get to Know Producer Lil Polearm

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17-year-old Lil Polearm has been producing for about two years now, and is known to collaborate with artist Animepapi. He has released a string of projects- the most recent being the release of his EP, Reorient. Learn more about Lil Polearm and his music below.

So, tell me a little bit about yourself. What’s your history with music?

I’m 17 years old and I live in the middle of nowhere in Wisconsin, USA. I took classical piano lessons for about 10 years but neither of my parents are very musical, except for when my dad plays some guitar every once and a while.

When did you start producing and how did you get into it?

I started producing about 2 years ago by now because I had this tomppabeats album on vinyl for a while and I thought I could start making music like that, as it had a relatively simple sound. I then produced and released lofi hiphop for a good year and a half while making trap music on the side but I never released any of that, as I had no fanbase for it. I eventually started making some songs with my own vocals here and there, but never really did it often until a lot of my friends said it was really good.

Do you do anything musically besides producing?

I rap on a different account actually under lil polearm! I’m also featured on every track of flash photography. I did one music video for a friend one time but looking back its absolutely horrible LOL if you look hard enough on youtube you could probably find it.

Would you like to branch off into anything else? If yes, what?

Acting would honestly be pretty tight but there’s really no platform for that here except the musical at school every year.

Talk a little bit about the production of flash photography!

Making flash photography was more or less a sporadic pace. I think 2 months before the ep release afternoon sent me the beat and his hook for discord like “look what I made lol” and I told him that I definitely needed to be on that. Fujifilm was the second track we made but it was probably a few weeks later and we figured why not just make a whole ep? The other 3 tracks came together rather quickly, and we did wingstop the day we released the ep.

What has been your favorite song or project to work on and why?

Purple drop. Hands down. Hella Sketchy is one of my favorite artists.

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Tell me a little bit about Reorient.

Reorient is basically the feelings I had leading up to my birthday, and the feelings I had being hopelessly in love with this girl knowing that she doesn’t want me at this moment in time. At the time I felt that songs were the only way to get some kind of message to her, as I couldn’t explain my feelings. It’s definitely the rawest my music has ever been, and even if two of the songs are covers, they still describe my situation well. At its core, its just one long letter, but only I know what it entirely means. I tend to do that with my music, where I’ll reference things going on in my life, but nobody knows what it means, and to them its just words that rhyme.

Are you apart of any type of collective?

Afternoon and I are both a part of Dream Easy Collective, that’s the family. However, you probably won’t be hearing vocals from me in there any time soon, as its more of a jazz/lofi/boombap oriented group. I honestly should be more active in the group chat I gotta work on that LOL.

Where would you like to be in 5 years with your music?

 In 5 years, I just wanna not have to go to college and live comfortably.
College scares me to death and I’m going to be a senior in high school. So wish me luck. Big things this summer !!

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