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Get to Know Aminé | The Young Visionary Making Waves

Get to Know Aminé | The Young Visionary Making Waves

Adam Aminé Daniel, better known by his stage name Aminé (Uh-mee-nay), is a 24-year-old rapper/singer from Portland, Oregon. He released a mixtape entitled Odyssey to Me in January 2014, and followed it up with the EP En Vogue in September of the same year. In 2016 he signed with Republic Records, and in 2017 he released the album Good For You. He’s continuing to release music videos for the songs on Good For You, and is currently touring New Zealand and Australia.

If you haven’t already heard at least one song by Aminé, where have you been? I mean, not to be rude, but I’m definitely judging you. With super catchy hits like Caroline, Spice Girl and the recent Campfire, Aminé proves that he’s all about hard work and creating the best music.

He’s always following up his songs with odd, theatrical music videos that completely step away from the norm. The video for Caroline- which was directed by Aminé, has got to be one of the weirdest I’ve seen, followed by the video for REDMERCEDES, which shows Aminé and his friends in whiteface. It’s a not-deep-but-deep video, that subtly tackles racism, by having Aminé and his friends being treated as the minority. On the list of iconic Coachella performances by black artists this year, Aminé came through and bravely declared to the sea of white people “If you ain’t black don’t say it nigga” at weekend one, and further reinforced it at weekend two.


The video for Campfire, featuring Injury Reserve, was released this month, and shows Aminé donning a pink wig, which resulted in a lot of pink hair at Coachella. What makes Aminé a visionary is the confidence he has to step out of the box. In an interview with the LA Times, he mentions how he hates conforming to peoples expectations, which is made obvious by the creative and unique videos he comes up with. He exudes fearlessness.


Keep up with Aminé via his links below. Tweet us and let us know what songs off of Good For You are your favorite.

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