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Drake Remixes Yung Bleu’s ‘You’re Mines Still’

Drake Remixes Yung Bleu’s ‘You’re Mines Still’

Drake collaborates with Alabama-based rapper, Yung Bleu

Drizzy adds a verse to Yung Bleu‘s ‘You’re Mines Still‘ featured on Bleu’s latest 6 song EP, ‘Love Scars: The 5 Stages of Emotions‘. On all DSPs, the song appears as an official single with Drake. Produced by Nate Rhoads, the track seems to take interpolations from Sting‘s ‘Shape of My Heart’.

Yung Bleu speaks to a ended relationship but is hopeful that his love interest will return. Bleu sings, “They say time heals/Don’t go build no life without me/’Cause you mines still.” Drake raps about a time where he was too generous in a previous relationship where he didn’t get that reciprocated energy in return.

Pretty face, pretty tempted

But pretty taught me ugly lessons

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Pretty had me giving more than I was getting

Drake shouted out Alabama-native NBA player, Demarcus Cousins via Instagram for introducing Drake to the young emcee. Listen to the track here.

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