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Doja Cat Trends on Twitter for Resurfaced Past Racist Antics Online

Doja Cat Trends on Twitter for Resurfaced Past Racist Antics Online

Doja Cat’s racially-laced songs and online usage of racial slurs resurfaces. 

On Friday May 22, #DojaCatIsOver hashtag rose to the top of the trending topics due to an exposure of the rapper’s questionable online past personas. Fans believe that there’s a reason to cancel Doja Cat due to her usage of racial slurs to satisfy humor of white online users and allegedly used the same persona to create a song entitled “Dindu Nuffin” which allegedly was inspired by the death of Sandra Bland in 2015. 

The old Tiny Chat discovery videos are footage of Doja Cat performing and chatting with groups reportedly created for the alt-right/incel group which is an online subculture of men who are white supremacists who are involuntarily celibate. This video caused question if Doja Cat was actually racist after using a racial slur: :Suck my d**k, n***er” was said to the room while teasing a peep show. 

Doja released “Dindu Nuffin” in 2015 and found that the title is actually a racial slur used by alt-right members against Blacks who claim to be innocent after being victims of police brutality.

Some are also accusing her of making light of the murder of Sandra Bland, a Black woman who died in police custody under suspicious circumstances in Texas in 2015, on the song. However, Bland’s name nor the incident surrounding her death are directly mentioned on the track.

According to PAPER, Doja Cat’s online activity was said to allegedly develop tough skin and would join in with her own offensive rhetoric.

“People would pick on me and use horrible, horrible language, just the worst, and I just didn’t understand why people were so crazy on there,” Doja says. Rather than leaving the chat room, she instead developed a thick skin and eventually joined in on the fun via her own “offensive” rhetoric. “So I became the person who would make offensive jokes and do things sort of out of the box.”

Doja Cat / PAPER Magazine


Doja Cat took to Instagram to deliver an apology regarding her past interactions online and to explain her allegiance to her blackness. In an Instagram post Doja writes:

Doja Cat also went live to further explain herself and her actions of why she engaged with users on TinyChat. 

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