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Doja Cat Releases ‘Kiss Me More’ Featuring SZA

Doja Cat Releases ‘Kiss Me More’ Featuring SZA

Welcome to Planet HER.

Doja Cat is gearing up for her next era with her upcoming album, ‘Planet HER‘. SZA is featured on the first single, ‘Kiss Me More‘. A music video, directed by Warren Fu, accompanies the release of the funky, pop track.

Director Fu previewed screenshot of ‘Kiss Me More’ on April 8 via Instagram

Director Warren Fu creates an alternate universe that an astronaut from Earth discovers after an apparant crash landing. His journey takes us on a explorative ride in this world of botanical gardens, sandy pyramids, and no sign of life outside of Doja Cat & SZA, respectfully. The end of his journey has a surprising, yet comical ending.

Doja Cat has released merchandise in celebration of the music video release.

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You can shop the collection here & watch the music video below.

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