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Danny Seth | Perception [Mixtape]

Danny Seth | Perception [Mixtape]

British-rapper Danny Seth releases a 17-track mixtape, Perception, over regal and glorious beats produced by Zach Nahome, MD$, Sevn Thomas, Jgramm, Ducko Mcfli.


The London-based rapper sat down via Skype with Complex to describe track-by-track the meaning behind the words on his lengthy project. In stand-out tracks like ‘T.I.O.T.E. Seth explains to Complex:

“The first bar on ‘T.I.O.T.E.’ talks about my career blowing up off of something that I wasn’t happy with. This was because of a particular track I put out a while back. I felt like it didn’t represent the true me, and that I needed to work on my craft as a rapper and story-teller. That was nearly four years ago, and four years later, Perception‘s here to tell my story.”

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Listen to the mixtape on the player above.

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