Cortica 2015 Summer Collection | Creation Through Deconstruction Pack

New UK-based footwear brand Cortica has an sandal-alternative if showing your toes ain’t really your steez.


The Cortica design process makes it the unique product. Each element of the shoe is removed, reimagined and reassembled away from convention, to create progressive hybrid footwear. Cortica models have all been designed to provide an unparalleled level of comfort through the material selection and the unique-to-Cortica components.


The Creation Through Deconstruction Pack includes the super lightweight Epic model of the thermoplastic polyurethane molded tongue label and ventilated body and tongue. The Infinity Lace model is a runner type with decorative-lace on top of the model.


Take a look at the following models in the gallery below + visit Cortia’s website for more information on each model.





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