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Ciara Poses For Maxim

Ciara Poses For Maxim

Ciara shows up in the most clothes we ever wanna see her in as she pose for Maxim. Ciara not only strips down she shared some of her fun thoughts on what gets her in the mood, her upcoming album Basic Instinct, and her super sexy “Ride” video. Check out a few excerpts + more pics after the cut.

Besides your own, what’s your favorite baby-making song?

It would have to be “12 Play” by R. Kelly or Janet Jackson’s “Any Time, Any Place.” Yeah, that one gets me hot!

The album is called Basic Instinct. Are you channeling Sharon Stone? And more important, do you own an ice pick?

I have ice cubes in my freezer. That’s about it. The album is about our basic wants and desires. But
I have to say, Sharon Stone in Basic Instinct was smart, a little shady, and she definitely had a sexy gangsta thing going on.

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