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Christian French Stops in Atlanta for his Avalanche Tour

Christian French Stops in Atlanta for his Avalanche Tour

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After being unable to tour for over a year due to COVID, Christian is back at it with 29 stops across North America

For the first time in almost 2 years, Christian French took to the road for his Avalanche tour, spanning the months of September and October. Starting in San Diego, Christian made stops all across North America playing his unreleased track ‘Oh Well’, as well as previously released singles, and tracks from his 2020 EP good things take time (Disruptor/RCA).

Ahead of his Atlanta show we spoke about his tour routine, the upcoming European leg of his Avalanche tour, and his favorite US stop so far.

What has been your favorite tour stop so far?

I played my first all ages show in my hometown this tour, so that was really cool. There was literally family there that I had never met and so stuff like that is crazy. And then Salt Lake City- somehow every time we go there they just go off. I don’t know what is in the air there but they knew every word to every song, and that show felt very special, so I would say those two right now have taken the cake.

In February you’re starting your overseas tour. Which stop there are you most excited for?

I think Amsterdam. I’ve never been to Amsterdam. I’ve never been anywhere but London, so I’m really excited for all of them, but if I had to pick one I’d probably pick Amsterdam. All of my friends who have gone say “it is like your vibe”. So I’m really excited.

Do you have any pre-performance rituals? How do you get ready for a show?

Alright! 40 minutes before the show we’re hitting some jumping jacks, push ups, some abs just to get the blood flowing. Then at 30 minutes start warming up my vocals and depending on if I’m not feeling good that day I’ll FaceTime me my vocal coach and we’ll go through everything, so she’ll get me feeling really good. And then after that I usually sit and- I have a steamer for my vocal chords, so I sit and do that, drink some tea. And then just keep jumping around and keep moving to keep the blood flowing, and sometimes I go and have a moment to sit by myself for a second and zone in. Sometimes I don’t have that time.

What is your favorite part about performing and touring?

I would say there’s just so much on the music making and releasing side of things where so many people’s opinions come in and you kinda sometimes feel like your voice doesn’t get heard as much. It can be really frustrating. But like performing is all live and nobody can tell me what to do and I get to whatever I want- and it’s a really liberating feeling to get up there and have that. And I feel like I’ve grown so much to the point where I- instead of being really nervous for every show I’m like really excited and confident. And so, that feels really good.

The European leg of the Avalanche tour kicks off in February. You can check the dates and purchase tickets here.

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