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Check Out The Chinese-American Rapper Who’s Breaking Boundaries

Check Out The Chinese-American Rapper Who’s Breaking Boundaries

Bohan Phoenix is a rapper from China who moved to America at 11 and quickly gravitated to hip-hop and its surrounding culture. With no knowledge of how to speak English, Bohan soaked up as much of the language as he could through hip-hop music, rapping along to the lyrics of as many songs as he could get his hands on. He now raps in both Mandarin and English, mixing both cultures as a reflection of his own identity.

In 2017, Bohan partnered with Beats by Dre, as well as some notable Chinese streetwear brands, and released the EP entitled JALA. The release of JALA landed Bohan on Spotify’s Fresh Finds, as well as Apple Music’s Hot Tracks. Bohan Phoenix recently released the album Overseas, featuring the song Overseas with Ryan Hemsworth. The song highlights Bohan’s struggle with growing up and being influenced by Western (American) culture, but being a part of a family that is guided by their Asian culture.

The entire Overseas album is filled with really good songs, and it’s refreshing to hear something different as far as the merging of two languages. Check out the video for Overseas, as well as the interactive version of the video that allows you to switch up the camera angles, linked below. If you need help with navigating the interactive version, Bohan has made a short video explaining how to watch it properly. You can also check out the rest of Bohan’s links below.


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