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Calez – Kid With Raps [LP]

Calez – Kid With Raps [LP]

Calez is first up to bat with this release of his first debut LP entitled, Kid With Raps, from the 2008ightes collective. Calez explains:

I named my first album “Kid With Raps” with the purpose of not only telling you that I’m another kid that raps, but also telling you my story. I’ve been holding on to this dream since a very young age. I am now 19, I turn 20 on February 4th and I used to think I would be “on” by this point in my life. That’s not the case and I realize now that everything takes time and patience. No matter how hard it may be, I will take my time and work as hard as possible to make my childhood dream come true.

After hearing a sneak peek of what to expect from the listening party at Jugrnaut, it definitely has a classic hip-hop feel that speaks directly from Calez perspective of where he is now mentally. Take a glance at the tracklist + download the LP below.

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