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A Conversation With The Bots | Fueled Up

A Conversation With The Bots | Fueled Up

[one_one]The young rockers, Anaiah and Mikaiah Lei, of Californian-based punk band The Bots took time from their break before their upcoming headliner show at CMJ Takeover show which features sets by Schoolboy QCasey VeggiesA$AP Ant and more which took place on October 16th at Webster Hall. After their extensive background touring alongside legends like the Yeah Yeah Yeahs and noticing them in the Lazy Oaf lookbook we converse about style, humble beginnings and their favorite characters in Grand Theft Auto: V.[/one_one]





Tell me a little about yourselves. Who are the Bots?

Anaiah and Mikaiah Lei: A punk-rock band from California.[/two_two]



When did you guys decide to start performing and how did punk music garner your interests?

Mikaiah: We started music early — around age 5. The White Strips were big inspirations for us growing up getting into rock music. We weren’t expected to play our type of music[/two_two]



We seen you guys in the Lazy Oaf Winter Collection lookbook; how did that happen?

Anaiah: A friend of the owner told us about the opportunity and we looked at the clothes and decided we wanted to do it. [/two_two]



I happen to love you guys’ track “I Like Your Style,” As far as emulating style, what style influencers do you follow, if any?

Anaiah: No, I think the idea behind “I Like Your Style” is sort of mocking that idea of copy style. To me it doesn’t really matter to us we dress how we feel.

Makaiah: I wear whatever I wear, whatever makes me happy, I don’t really follow any fashion trends.[/two_two]

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Are there any hip-hop acts that you guys are into at the moment?

Anaiah: Not right now [currently on the Charts]. As far as Hip-Hop, I listen to acts like Rakim, KRS One — more of the older iconic hip-hop stands out.
[/one_three] [two_three]

How’s GTA V; Which character do you like being in the game the most? Why?

Anaiah: GTA V is awesome. I think I like playing with Trevor the most because he’s this crazy meth-addict who’s hilarious.

[/two_three] [two_three]

The new project, Sincerely Sorry, we heard the new track 5:17; what can we expect from the upcoming project?

Mikaiah: You can expect more of what we’ve already done but more polished.

Anaiah: Just more music, lots of new things with new people. Kind of weird the way I put it but I mean, it’s weird, just a lot of weirdness if anything!


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