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A Conversation With Tasha Bleu | Depth of Field

A Conversation With Tasha Bleu | Depth of Field

Menswear photographer Tasha Bleu serves as the capturer of some of your favorite streetwear brands like adidas and Reebok Classics. Perhaps you may have seen her photography in some of the highly visited publications on the web like Forbes, Hypebeast, Complex and or Karmaloop. Bleu’s stills has extended itself outside of US territory inside zines like 尺码 Magazine.


Tasha Bleu is the sole photographer of her photography alias/company Treu Bleu Imagery which she founded in Early 2010. Since then, she’s been blazing an inspiring trail contracting gigs like AGENDA, MAGIC, and more. In true leader-fashion, Tasha shares her skills with followers in a class teaching how to create successful fashion lookbooks with her Shoot’N’Style Skillshare class which is open to any inquiring mind. We got an exclusive chance to pick her brain with a few questions in the interview below.


How and when did you begin your interest in photography?

I founded Treu Bleu Imagery in January of 2010. The next month, I was working in the press pit at Mercedes Benz Fashion Week. Later that year I was featured in ELLE Magazine (Dec. 2010 Page 152). I grew up with an interest in architecture and fashion; mainly for the fashion and form of both. I began my interest in photography shooting everything to find my direction.


What intrigues you about style? In particular, about streetwear and menswear?

I am most intrigued by personal style. I specialize in street style and on location photography because I genuinely enjoy documenting organic moments in everyday environments. I enjoy focusing on the small details that define a gentlemen’s lifestyle.


Working with major street culture brands like adidas, Hypebeast, Complex & Karmaloop, what insight have you gained from experiencing this in such a short period of time?

Working with major street culture brands like adidas, Hypebeast, Complex and Karmaloop, apart of my job is working with top influencers and tastemakers including Pharrell Williams, Jeff Staple, Eddie Bauhaus, The Cast of the Black Ink Crew, Shaquille O’Neal and Swizz Beatz. I have gained insight on the entertainment industry (Fashion/Beauty, Footwear, Television, Sports and or Food and Beverage) and realized that it is important to maintain strong ongoing relationships on every avenue.


What sounds or artists in music help influence your taste in fashion and shooting style?

There are a few artists but one artist that influences my taste in fashion and my shooting style is Theo Martins. Theo and I are both from Providence, RI and I admire is taste in fashion and I have always been a huge fan of his music. I use his music for all of my video projects seen on my Vimeo.



With Tasha Bleu’s new Skillshare class here’s what can students gain from the online photography course:

If one streetwear icon could design your wardrobe who would it be and why?

If one streetwear icon design my wardrobe, it would be Tinker Hatfield because his eye for detail is beyond words.

What is your weapon of choice while shooting photography?

I used to be a die-hard Nikon user but I’m crossing over to the Canon family and testing new equipment. My weapon is my vision. I have a great eye, I always keep my client’s best interests in mind when I am shooting for others and I excel at framing/composition. It’s not the camera, it’s the vision.

As far as future endeavors, I read you want to start a creative agency, what would that agency entail?

You have to wait and see,, launching March 31st, 2014. Not saying much else at this point.

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