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A Conversation With Derrick Rose | 4.0

A Conversation With Derrick Rose | 4.0

[one_one]Sneaker and style outlets from all over the country came out for the exclusive launch for Derrick Rose‘s adidas Basketball 4.0 sneaker held at, the United Center, home of the Chicago Bulls. Sites like Hypebeast, Nice Kicks, SneakerNews, Complex and more were there to witness the festivities — which included a performance from Big Sean — and observe the unreleased sneaker in the company of Derrick Rose and US Creative Director for adidas Sport Performance, Robert Lee.[/one_one]



[one_one]In my session with Derrick Rose, joined me were Chicago-based authors Andrew Barber of FakeShoreDrive and Oscar Castillo of Modern Notoriety to question D. Rose regarding the design of his sneaker. Read our questions below we had for D. Rose below.


Terrell Johnson (SWGRUS): Aesthetically, the last shoe design was lighter, this one seems more aesthetically visual for the fashionable type of guy — did you have that in mind for this particular sneaker?


Derrick Rose: I think with all my sneakers I try to take [style] into consideration — Utilizing both [style and functionality] together to put out a product that kids can play basketball in and right when school starts put the shoe right back on and put them with your slacks and go to school. I just try to put a shoe out there that’s versatile and comfortable while performing in them — you’re anywhere and you’re comfortable in your shoe without putting another insole inside the shoe.


Oscar Castillo (Modern Notoriety): In terms of looks, what are your favorite aspects of this particular model?


D. Rose: The think the whole shoe to tell you the truth — the back of the shoe is definitely something different. They tried to put my personality into the shoe and I think they did a great job. With the front, it’s kind of clean — I believe all my shoes are premium. The material they use — so if you just touch my shoe you can tell it’s not just a regular basketball shoe. The front is clean; Calm like I am off the court. The back of the shoe is aggressive like how I play while I’m on the court. They changed the technology of the shoe on the inside with the CrazyQuick technology. This the first time [adidas] ever put this technology into the D. Rose 4.


Andrew Barber (FakeShoreDrive): How do you think they new line of shoes are going to translate into fashion and culturally here in Chicago?


I think the kids are definitely gonna wear them. To be honest, I know this shoe is gonna be that shoe — I can just tell. This is shoe where — don’t get me wrong — it’s great looking shoe. It’s a nice model. You got to have that certain type of look for your shoe [to compete] — I’m not gonna name anyone but to be a shoe that you can wear anywhere.


As far as being back on the court, how would you compare being back on the court now to your first year as rookie?


D. Rose: It’s kind of like being a rookie all over again but I have way more confidence. I know the NBA game a little bit better. This will be my 6th year. I’ve had a whole year to really look at the game, think the game, look at players’ tendencies, look at coaches’ tendencies when they coach — how they coach. Me, having the ball the majority of the game, coming back I should be able to control the game a little bit better.


You think your opponents will be a little more anxious to come at you?


D. Rose: If I was them I know I would be if someone came back from an injury. Trust me, I know how they’re thinking but trust me they’re going to be surprised.


SWGRUS: I just seen the “all in for Chicago” promo video of your upcoming sneaker, D. Rose 4, how did that play a form factor in designing the new D. Rose 4s.

D. Rose: I think all my shoes relay back to Chicago. Out of every place in the world, I think Chicago loves my shoes because they know where I came from. [Chicago] seen me in grammar school. [Chicago] seen me in high school and was watching me from afar in college — And for me to be back here [in Chicago] and release my signature shoe. It’s nothing but love and support. Even if my shoe was ugly, which it’s not [room laughs] they would still go out and support my shoe just because I’m from Chicago.

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SWGRUS: Now as far as the Simeon colorway, with knowing you’re having some items coming with that colorway, can you disclose when that will be release?


D. Rose: I don’t know. I’ve seen all of ’em but I don’t know ALL the dates for them. I wish I did — I’d tell you.


MN: Speaking of colorways, what colorways are you looking forward to for the D. Rose 4s this year?


D. Rose: For the D. Rose 4, I think my Christmas shoe is going to be a nice shoe — And I can’t tell you what colorway that’s gonna be [room laughs]. I think my Home color [too] — I love grey. So I like playing in grey.


Can you really quickly discuss your rehab with API?


For me, my rehab and how everything went, I’m in training now and past rehab. I went out there and started training a different way — just getting my body stronger. I never lifted weights like that in my life so actually taking squatting seriously — actually doing hamstring curls and stuff like that I never did. So, transferring that in my game and see how I play I know I’m going to play well. I know I’m going to be very good. I really never played balanced. This will be the first time in my life where I’m actually balance when I’m on the floor.[/one_one]


Derrick Rose 4th coming sneaker will be available at selected retaliers on October 10th.


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